Photo Masking

Photo masking is isolating a part in the photograph especially where edges are not well defined. Our experienced and well-trained photo retouch designers perform photo masking giving you that perfect photo. Photo masking is time-consuming process.

A photo masking and compositing service at assures you a perfect photograph that has no disturbing elements in it other than the focused image. For example, you have a photograph of your child with lot of mess in the background and there are many disturbing elements in the photograph that are simply unwanted, photo masking service available at comes into role whereby you get the best photograph devoid of any of the photo composition related problems in it.

Some of the photo masking methods include blue screen also called chroma key technology that delivers excellent quality to your photograph. It also involves refining the inside/outside edges involving subtly touching the details, hair, edges, contours, shadows, and transparency elements. As a result, photo retouching recomposes your picture, to make it noteworthy.


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